Assessment of Fall Characteristics among Manual Wheelchair Users

Purpose of this Survey

The purpose of this study is to investigate and understand the factors associated with falls in manual wheelchair users.  We are interested in investigating factors associated with falls because falls are a major concern for full-time wheelchair users.  Between 30-50% of falls in wheelchair users result in serious injury and 68% of fatal wheelchair accidents are caused by falls.  Falls have also been shown to have negative impacts on the individual’s quality of life.  This research may help determine fall characteristics among manual wheelchair users, as well as influence future research and intervention to prevent falls and develop technology for manual wheelchair users to improve their quality of life.
To participate in this study you must be:

  • A current manual wheelchair user
  • ≥ 18 years old
  • Have a history of falls (at least 1 fall/year)
  • Have used your power wheelchair for at least 1 year

The research study will require approximately 60-90 minutes of your time and you will be compensated $50 for participation in the study.  Location will be on UIUC campus.
If you have questions about the study, please e-mail Dr. Laura Rice (

Interested in Participating?

Are you interested in participating in the study Assessment of Fall Characteristics among Manual Wheelchair Users?  If so, please e-mail Dr. Laura Rice and indicate you are interested in participating in this research study. Thank you so much for your interest!